KOOKS Headers gets rid of non-catted setups. What now?

In the efforts of going “Green”, the EPA has been enforcing some of the strictest codes we’ve seen in the industry while handing out massive fines to those who dare not to comply. Many brands have since changed course: Corsa, Stainless Works and now KOOKS to name a few.

Yesterday, we received an email from our rep at KOOKS Headers and Exhaust. This is email left us with a lot of questions, questions we needed answers to before responding and letting you know how we would proceed.

I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you that Kooks Headers and Exhaust has made the decision to discontinue sales of our non-catted headers and non-catted header kits. It is not a decision we take lightly but in order to continue forward we feel it is the right one. To this end, all non-catted headers will removed from the price file and our website making them no longer available for purchase as of September 1st, 2022. From today’s date, July 14th 2022, until August 31st, 2022, we will be honoring all orders of non-catted headers.

Make no mistake, our hobby is under attack with the introduction of this new green initiative. Of course, we all want to “save the planet” but will attacking our hobby do that? Probably no more than forcing paper straws on people while they drink out of plastic cups will save sea-life, but regardless, this is now our current reality. So now what?


KOOKS has allowed an extension of their July 4th sale of 15% off retail for the remainder of this month (July 2022). If you have the means, and are planning on grabbing them later, this may be your best opportunity to get the headers/exhaust you need before it’s too late.

Starting September 1st, 2022, non-catted headers and exhaust from KOOKS will not be an option. 

what about our private label 2

still a go! for now…

Upon hearing the news, our first instinct was to inquire about our private label 2″ long tube headers for the G8 and SS. We asked how our private label items will be effected. 

We were informed that, as of right now, they do not plan on stopping our specific exclusive private label arrangement, but the future is unknown. We are hoping for the best, but trying to prepare for the worst. We are relieved in knowing that we will still be able to offer these products in the future…hopefully!