the start

September 12, 2013, just days before he was to be married, Joe told his then fiancee (Miranda) that he was going to look for a new commuter car and would not be spending more than five thousand dollars. A lie of course, a few hours later and fifteen thousand dollars in debt, Joe came home with his Pontiac G8.

Shortly after their marriage, Joe jumped head first down the rabbit hole that is the aftermarket automotive industry. Owning a very short-run production vehicle that was imported under GM but manufactured by its Australian subsidiary, Holden, he quickly realized finding parts specific to his new vehicle was harder than expected.

At first, Joe was just looking for a bumper splitter that fit the car well. When this seemed all but impossible, he took matters into his own hands. Joe recruited Miranda out to their driveway to trace the bumper on cardboard. Having a design background, Joe transferred the measurements to a CNC file and had it routed from ABS plastic. After sharing his creation online, the G8 community took notice and started requesting one of his splitters for themselves. But accepting payments online required you to register as a business, and thus was born.

What came next

Taking the profits from the sales of his splitters, Joe reinvested into the company, using the funds to buy into as many manufacturers as possible. Over the next few years, as its reputation grew, G8Only became the “Go-To” site for the G8 community. This niche group of car enthusiasts supported G8Only fully. This gave way to G8Only broadening its reach by finding, sourcing and/or manufacturing products specifically to fit the needs of this short run vehicle.

When the Chevy SS Sedan was released, bred from the same heritage as the G8, it was only natural that Joe would jump in with both feet, forming in 2016.

Word spread fast among the SS community and SSOnly quickly became the premier parts supplier for this niche community as well. With just under fourteen thousand SS’s brought over from Australia over a four year span, it was an even more uncommon car than the G8.

Natural progession

As most enthusiasts typically have more than one project car, calls were coming in requesting parts for various GM vehicles. Having access to the most popular brands and being able to meet the needs of their customers, was born. 

LSXOnly serves as a one-stop-shop for over a dozen GM vehicles. Sharing many performance brands and parts with both the G8 and SS, mostly all vehicles produced with an LS (or equivalent) powertrain could utilize the arsenal of parts the company already had at its fingertips. 

no end in sight

As word grew throughout enthusiast communities about the company, a pattern emerged, and suddenly their customers were seeking aftermarket truck parts. 

Of course, it only makes sense that so many of these enthusiasts were building these track-worthy vehicles and trailering them to various races and events. With the rapidly-growing demand, Joe decided to build and develop to meet the needs of his customers., with a live date of late 2022, will allow G8Only Corp to service the same customer base across multiple platforms, and provide the same level of service and support their customers have grown to expect from Joe and his capable team!