Meet the gang

Joe L.


Steve H.

Head of Customer Engagement

Ed G.

Head of Logistics

Jay P.

Tech Specialist

G8Only, the company, is formed and G8Only, the website, is launched. The objective was to help take the guess work out of parts selection and offering the members of the community a new type of shopping experience they had not encountered prior.

Noticing the welcomed reception of G8Only, SSOnly, the website, is launched to service the next generation of owners. Getting in at the ground level offered SSOnly the unique opportunity to influence what customers should expect when dealing with online retailers.

After receiving countless requests to offer parts for other late model GM vehicles, the G8Only team started on the design and implementation of LSXOnly. Servicing over a dozen LS-powered production vehicles, the site made its initial debut mid 2020. 

With the understanding that most enthusiasts don’t modify just one of their vehicles, and also knowing that many of these vehicles get towed to races, events, etc; it was only natural that we branch off into the truck market with HaulersOnly. Coming in Q3 of 2022.