what is a jobber account?

A jobber account is a special account designated for other professionals in our industry. A jobber account offers specific discounts on items found in our online store, as well, “jobbers” will automatically be granted lower minimums for free shipping along with other perks…


In a world of uncertainties, confusion, and stipulations–we are going to keep this simple. Sign up for a Jobber Account and here are some of the benefits you’ll see:

  • Site-Wide Discount* (No Codes Needed)

  • Free Shipping over $100

  • Priority Support

  • Flexible Returns

*Some restrictions apply

how it works

Signing up is simple and here’s how it works!

  • Make sure you have an account, if not, you’ll need to make one
  • Fill out and submit the form below
  • Once reviewed and approved, you will be contacted letting you know you’re approved as a “Jobber” customer

Once you are approved, there are no confusing coupon codes to remember and no special rules to follow. Just log into your account and shop for what you need. When you visit your cart, you’ll notice your discount has been applied automatically. 

The are just a few requirements…

  1. You have to send us a copy of your valid business license and state tax information
  2. We will only ship to your valid business address
  3. Items not legal in CA still cannot be shipped to CA

sign up