KOOKS 2″ Headers – Background & Customer Review

If you have owned your car for more than a day or two, you have most likely heard to name KOOKS. That is because KOOKS is widely considered to be the best in aftermarket performance exhaust products.

So when we wanted to work with a brand to bring a 2″ (primaries) header to the community that not only fit perfect, but performed perfect as well, KOOKS was our only option.

KOOKS is by far the industry leader in the Holden community here in the states, that being said, it is a safe bet that if you gathered 10 owners with aftermarket headers, at least 7 of them would say they are running KOOKS. With that in mind, we wanted to come up with a solution that would be beneficial to the majority of our community.

Furthermore, with KOOKS being as wide spread as they are, other exhaust manufacturers have made it a point to create connection pipes to attach to their unique header collectors. These brand (SOLO & CORSA) are also some of the most popular cat back setups on the market. So we wanted to parallel ourselves with a brand that was usable with other, existing leaders of the industry.

In doing so, we ensured that these new 2″ Long Tube Headers will not only bolt directly up to your existing KOOKS X-Pipe, but also bolt up to ANY existing KOOKS compatible exhaust setups via their KOOKS connection pipes. In short, with these new headers you don’t have to replace the entire exhaust to upgrade your current KOOKS or compatible setup. Just the headers!

Recently, James House of JMG Motorsports was one of the first to get his hands on a set of our new 2″ headers, here is what he had to say about them.

“The craftsmanship of these headers is outstanding…”

“Install took about 2 hours… I never once touched a sledge to clearance anything.”

“…install was easy and the quality was top notch.”

Besides our new headers, JMG also installed a brand new SOLO 3″ Street Race Cat Back as well. This shows the versatility of these headers. They seamlessly bolt up directly to the SOLO cat back via SOLO’s catless KOOKS connection pipes.

*We will have some 1 7/8″ vs 2″ dyno results coming soon!